Ituna Town Office
Ph: 306 795 2272
Fx: 306 795 3330
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Ituna News
Ph: 306 795 2412
Fx: 306 795 3621
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Ituna Recycling Depots
*Main St
(beverage containers)
*Recyclable Material Bins

Law & Emergency Services

Law & Emergency Services

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police 
    Three member detachment
    205 5th St. N.E.
    Ituna, SK S0A 1N0
    Phone:  (306) 795- 6400

    Victims Services is now available in the Ituna RCMP Detachment area. Our website for more detailed information regarding the services is;
    or call Victim Services at 306 786-2408

  • Ituna Fire Department
    Fire Chief: John Sopel - 306 795-3522 or 306- 620-8658 (cell),
    Deputy Fire Chief:  Kyle Wendz - 306 795-7989

    The 28 members of the Ituna volunteer Fire Department
    attend to in-town and rural fires and can be reached by calling 911.

    Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives- Test Yours Every Month!

    *Install smoke alarms on every level of your home
    * Larger homes may need additional smoke alarms to provide enough protection
    *In the kitchen smoke alrms shoud be installed atleast 3 metres from cooking appliances. This prevents false alarms.
    *Test smoke alarms by using the test button atleast once a month or as recommended by the manufacturer.
    *Change the battery in your smoke alarm once a year.
    *Dust smoke alarms annually or whenever the battery is changed.
    *Make sure everyone in the home understands the warning sound of the smoke alarm.
    *Immediately replace smoke alarms when they are10 years old or if they do not respond properly when tested.

  • The National Fire Protection Association offers free safety tip sheets on a variety of fire and life safety topics. Download, print and share these tip sheets to spread the word about fire safety here.

    Ituna Ambulance - Can be reached by calling 911

  • EMO Co-ordinator -

Ituna RCMP Detachment


Ituna Volunteer Fire Department