Online Bill Payments

Online bill payments to the Town of Ituna are now available for the following financial institutions  and instructions as to how to do this can be found here

*Credit Union members
*Scotia Bank Customers
*TD Canada Trust Customer
*BMO customers- pending confirmation

Building Permits

Please contact the Town Administration office BEFORE beginning any construction.

You must complete the appropriate municipal permit application forms.

You must also submit the appropriate building plans and information to the municipal office and receive development approval from the local authority to ensure that the construction project meets all municipal zoning bylaws and/or is accepted in principle.

Town of Ituna Zoning Bylaw

Town of Ituna Building Bylaw and Forms

After we receive your building permit application & payment of fees we will then check to ensure that it conforms to the Zoning Bylaw requirements for the Town, if it passes all validations, we will provide you with a Building Permit.

A VALID Building Permit is required from the Municipality in order to have a building inspection done on these forms of construction within the Municipality:

New Dwelling/Housing Unit, RTM/Modular/Post-Move, Mobile (Manufactured) Home, Addition/Living Space/ Sec. Suite, Renovation       (Structural or egress), Basement Development, Deck (not covered or enclosed), Stairway, Attached Garage (unheated), Det Garage/Accessory. Building (unheated), Pole Building (Unheated), Retaining Wall (if collapse affects a structure), Foundation Replacement, Solar Panels (PV or Hot Water).

If you want more information on Building Inspections please contact PBI at 1-306-536-1799, and they will be more than happy to provide you with the information you require in order to be in compliance with the National Building Codes.

More information on the Permit Process & Forms can be found here: 

Pet Owners

A dog or cat license must be purchased each December for the following year.

Serviced & Unserviced Lots for Sale

The Town Ituna has serviced and unserviced lots for sale. Additional information (address, frontage) is available from the Town Administration Office. Please contact the office: 306 795 2272 or Email .

The Ituna Town Administration Centre also has a portfolio of current businesses and homes for sale and/or rent.  We invite you to come in and have a look. We can answer your questions regarding housing, industrial development, and community services.

If you have a home/business for sale or rent come in with the particulars and we will gladly add your information to our portfolio.

Tax Concessions

Tax concessions are also offered to new businesses in Ituna as well as newly constructed residences.

Please contact the Town Office 306 795 2272 or Email for further information.

If you have questions regarding housing, industrial development, or community services.

Town of Ituna Audited Financial Statements

December 31, 2020, Audited Financial Statement

December 31, 2019, Audited Financial Statement

December 31, 2018, Audited Financial Statement 

December 31, 2017, Audited Financial Statement


Town of Ituna Municipal Operating Budgets

2020 Operating Budget

Water Treatment

In September of 2016, our water treatment plant became the home of a natural gas generator. It is commissioned and if an event occurs that there is no power, this new generator will ensure water is available and flowing to the residents of Ituna.
The 2021 Annual Notice to Consumers regarding Drinking Water Compliance is available HERE.

The 2020 Waterworks Financial Overview is available HERE.


Streetlight Outage Reporting