Municipal Bylaws

Bylaws of the Town of Ituna are available in pdf format from the list below. The bylaws will open in a new window after clicking on the appropriate link. Information contained on these pages has no legal status and have been provided solely for research and/or convenience. This is not an official listing of all Town of Ituna Bylaws. The official bylaws are available from the Municipal Administration Building and must be consulted for purposes of interpretation and application of the law.

2021 Town of Ituna Bylaws

Bylaw 1-2018 - REPEALED

Bylaw 2-2018 - REPEALED

Bylaw 3-2018 - REPEALED

Bylaw 4-2018 - Bylaw to Provide for a Vote on a Question

Bylaw 1-2017 Code of Ethics for Members of Council Bylaw

Bylaw 2-2017 - REPEALED

Bylaw 3-2017 - REPEALED

Bylaw 4-2017 - REPEALED

Bylaw 5-2017 - REPEALED